Arlena Dickerson, Youth Chair

The Youth Chair is the interface between NM Association and the USATF National Office.  I represent NM at the National Convention by voting on Rules and Regulations that are presented to the Youth Committee.  I also vote for best venues for our championship meets by viewing the presentations of bidders.  I relay information sent by the National Office regarding Youth to our Association and all NM Clubs.

2018 Youth Committee Report
by Arlena Dickerson, NM Youth Chair
The USATF Annual Youth Workshop was held November 27, 2018.  The meeting was regarding SafeSport with Greg Love as speaker.  He spoke with gusto and passion about the problems we may experience as coaches and parents.  This was the best presentation I have attended and very informative.  The National Office is working on a new presentation for all. 
After our combined session with Association and Youth was dismissed, the Youth Committee agreed to work on communication within our NM Association and National Office.  We worked on this concept in our afternoon meeting. 
We were informed that the National Office will roll out a new website in 2020 as the old website is so old that it can not be updated or repaired anymore. 
The USATF Annual Meeting was held November 28, through December 2, 2018 in Columbus Ohio.  This meeting was held to concentrate on rules and elections. 
The National Youth Chair, Trish Myers, was elected to the USATF National Board of Directors.  This is great for Youth.  Our new IAAF rep. is Willie Banks.
The Youth Committee had 30 rules to consider.  These rules were submitted by members and the Rules Committee.  Many rules changes were housekeeping, to clarify meanings; however there were changes made that are important to Youth.  These are not all the rules, but these rules are the most important to our Youth meets.
Item 39 had to do with relays.  The rules for relays are listed in the Youth Training & Development Manual and Meet Entry Information online as the Youth Guide is no longer published.  Failure to comply with the procedure may result in disqualification.
Item 40- All participants on a team shall wear a top and bottom of the same color.  The color of team uniforms shall be reviewed in the clerking area.  These changes were made to accommodate concerns for those athletes who have religious beliefs that do not allow them to wear shorts or briefs.
Item 44- At the National Youth Athletics and National Junior Olympics Championship in the 800m Run without regard to the number of athletes entered, shall be contested as two rounds with the top 8 times advancing to finals.
Item 45- At the National Youth and National Junior Olympics Championships in the 8 and under, 9-10, and 11-12 divisions, the 1500m Run shall be contested as timed finals, with no more that 18 participants per section.  Competitors in the 13-14, 15-16, 17-18 age group shall run 2 rounds of the 1500m Run with no more than 18 participants per heat in the first round and the top 12 times advancing to the finals.  At Association and Regional Championship the meet referee has the discretion to allow more than 18 participants per heat or section.
Item 46- In the event of 2000m or longer, timed finals shall be run with no more than 24 participants per section.  The meet referee has the discretion to allow more than 24 participants per section.
Item 47, 48 & 49 – All have to do with Hurdles.  Read the requirements in the Rule book.
There is a table that may be used.  All Hurdles must be Fully Automatic Timed.
Item 50- At all championship events, whenever the number of competitors reporting for an event makes the heats, the event may be run as a final at the time in the program so scheduled for the heat.

Item 51- In the National Youth Athletics Championships, event of 100m to 400m inclusive, and relays up to and including the 4x400m, the fastest eight times from the prelims shall advance to finals. (This has been meet practice for the last 2 years.)
Item 52- Computerized transponders may be used to record the finish place of a runner in cross country.  This rule is to clarify that the torso is the deciding part of the body that determine finish place. (Please see the complete explanation for the use of transponders in the rule book.)
Item 56- Once an athlete begins participation in the Junior Olympic Program club affiliation/representation status must remain the same throughout the entire JO series.  Athletic who are unattached must remain unattached and athletes who represent a club shall not switch from one club to another.  (This concept was provided in the Youth Guide which is no longer published.)
Item 60- Track and Field shall advance 5 individuals and five relay teams from each Regional to National. These shall be the top 5 finishers in each event.  The Combined events shall advance the top 2 placed individuals and any other who meet a performance standard at the Regional Championship. (No move ups allowed from Regional to National.)
If there are any questions, please contact me, consult the USATF Rule Book or Youth Training & Development Manual and Meet Entry Information.  All information can be found on line or a hard copy can be purchased from USATF.