David Lopez, Masters Chair

We know now that physical activity is the greatest contributor to quality of life.  USATF NM encourages a healthy lifestyle by promoting Track & Field as a sport for people of all ages. This page is dedicated to those Masters Athletes who are continuing to participate in the sports of track and field, long distance running and race walking as adults.

Whether you are just starting out, a recreational runner or competing in World Championships, there is a USATF NM event for you. USATF NM organizes track meets during the spring and summer where athletes can run, jump and throw against others their own age. Also, in cooperation with USATF sanctioned races, USATF NM holds both road racing and cross-country state championships where athletes compete in age groups.

In addition to the physical improvement in their lives, Masters Athletes enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow competitors. Many Masters Athletes join clubs. These clubs offer training tips and partners as well as providing motivation and support. There are clubs in New Mexico for road and distance runners as well as some clubs that specialize in track & field. For a listing of some of the clubs in New Mexico click on the Find a Club tab above. You can also find members of these clubs at most running events in New Mexico.

For more information about Masters Track & Field, Cross Country and Road Racing visit:

Hope to see you on the track and the roads!
  Indoor National Master's Meet ~ Albuquerque 2011